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Titusz Bankuti was born into the construction business in Hungary where his father, an architectural engineer, introduced him to the world of plans and building at a very young age. Toth Developers Group combines the beauty of European old world charm and western modern amenities to create luxurious and affordable living spaces.


Toth Developers Group LLC was formed in 2012 with Eastern European tradesmen who graduated from trade schools of their profession and have been working in New York City for over 15-20 years.


A Manhattanite since arriving in the US, Titusz is accustomed to the rigorous demands and expectations of working in New York City.  Meeting project deadlines, navigating the maze of permits and creating affordable designs combined with exceptional European craftsmanship has earned TOTHDG an impeccable reputation throughout New York City and the outer boroughs.


While always a supporter of charitable causes, after needing the services of the Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mt. Sinai, Titusz decided to create a program where part of all proceeds goes to charitable organizations helping children, mothers, and families who face similar critical moments in their lives. 


The organization's dearest to his heart where donations go to are:


 -The Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai (member of Friends of Mt. Sinai)


-Harlem based youth organizations- Children’s Aid Society and Children’s Village-that provide the necessary services and programs needed to assist teenagers in completing their high school and college education to better their own lives as well as their families. 


-Member of the Young Associates of the Metropolitan Opera.


TOTHDG strongly relies on its referral business and repeat customers who are the solid foundation of the company.


No space or job is too big or too small!


If you want your renovation completed on time, on budget and exceeding your expectations we need to speak about your project!  View the gallery to see some of the recent design and renovation projects.

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